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he 10th emed scientific meeting held in Bavaria was a superb display of scientific material and a wonderful mix of social and intellectual interaction. This was my first experience at the ESM meeting and with the novel users. I had a wonderful experience!

Axel began the week by giving each novel user the chance to participate in workshops related to pressure measurement. The workshops gave the attendees an opportunity to learn about the new functionalities and to ask questions regarding all novel products.

The next day began in beautiful Bavaria! The day’s agenda was used for scientific presentations and posters. Presentations were given by two keynote speakers and also the presentation and poster novel award winners, Kerstin Bosch and Arne Nagel. Both award winners are from the University of Münster. After
a full day of scientific presentations and discussions everyone relaxed and enjoyed the sunset from the hills of Schliersee. The evening was filled with traditional food and dress from the Bavarian region.

The third day was the Activity Day. Those participants who were very brave chose to go on the 35 kilometer mountain biking tour. Others chose from either the long or short hike. Each activity had spectacular views of the Bavarian Alps. I chose to join the short hike. We had the wonderful Daniela as our guide. She did her best to keep the 30 + people together, but unfortunately some of us gave her a scare by getting too far ahead of the group (sorry Dana!). Everyone was very grateful for each of the novel guides. After a long day everyone relaxed with a gourmet “barbecue” dinner on the island of Wörth. Again the views were beautiful and the conversation stimulating.

The final day of the conference continued the excellent standard of scientific presentation including the remainder of the keynote speakers and novel award presentations. Throughout the day there was much collaboration and discussion based on the research performed and the methods used. Once the scientific aspect of the day ended the evening began with a champagne cocktail hour followed by an exquisite dinner. After dinner was the announcement of the novel award winners by the children of the meeting. Finally the night ended with each
participant dancing with the Bavarian dancers.

Of course for some participants the night did not end there, but that is a different story :)!

Thanks to all of those who presented and a special thanks to all of those who spent so many hours organizing the wonderful event!

by Maria Pasquale from novel INC

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